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Simplifying copyright. Empowering worship. Enabling discovery.

Your Copyright Resource

As Southern Baptist churches embrace technology and the vast amount of content now available, CCLI is here to provide simple and affordable copyright solutions. This copyright hub is your single source of education, inspiration, and support, helping you to access the many resources available to give you legal peace of mind.

Getting Started

Copyright Licensing

CCLI's Copyright License provides legal coverage for the typical activities that assist congregational singing. Add-ons such as Stream enable you to tailor cover to fit your church.

2 Minutes with CCLI

This video series tackles some of the common questions surrounding copyright, in two minutes or less.


The ultimate single, legal source of lyrics and sheet music for your worship team. Explore SongSelect with a FREE user account.

Knowledge Base


Get answers to common copyright questions for churches and songwriters.

CCLI and Christian Copyright Solutions (CCS)

Find out the difference between CCLI and CCS, and how their licenses work together to protect your church.


How do I protect my songs? How do I register them with CCLI? Find answer to the common questions asked by songwriters.

Inspiration and Discovery

SBC Top 100

See the 100 most popular songs in the Southern Baptist Convention.


Be equipped, inspired, or discover something new. WorshipFuel features videos, song stories, and articles for worship teams and songwriters.

Popular Songs

Discover the songs emerging through the church. Find out which songs are being sung in churches across the country right now.

CCLI License Holders

CCLI Profile

The hub for all things CCLI. Manage your account, view your licenses and services, add and edit users.

Member Benefits

CCLI customers can enjoy exclusive discounts and offers on software, equipment. Find out more via your CCLI Profile.

Reporting Support

Your reports enable CCLI to fairly distribute royalty payments to songwriters. Learn how to report with our step-by-step guides.